Senior of the Month Yearbook

By: Matt Henton

Marketing Intern

Congrats to all of our senior of the month winners for the past year! From wanting to join NASA, to going to school on a full tuition scholarship our seniors this year have very bright futures ahead of them. Congratulations on all of their hard work and accomplishments. We wish them continued success through this new chapter of their life.

Congratulations to the seniors of the year, Kevin Ingram for Pleasant Plains, Austin Crawford for Riverton, and Cory Beccue for Mt. Pulaski. Both Corey and Kevin are going to the University of Illinois and Austin is heading to Illinois College in the fall.

Here is a list of all of our winners:

Mt. Pulaski:

September: Peyton Taylor,

Peyton Taylor

October: Nathan Ford,

November: Corey Beccue, (Senior of the Year)

Cory Beccue

January: Faith Doerr,

Faith Doerr

February: Jordan Sanchez,

Jordan Sanchez

March: Olivia Letterle,

April: Bailey Holmes,

Bayley Holmes

May: Jaden Elliott,

Jaden Elliott

Pleasant Plains:

September: Emily Russel,

Emily Russel

October: Brock Brummett,

Brock Brummet

November: Kevin Ingram, (Senior of the Year)

Kevin Ingram

December: Jillian Hergenrother,

Jilian Hergenrother

January: Carolyn Nika,

Carolyn Nika

February: Ellen Reinhert,

Ellen Reinhert

March: McKenzie Ragle,

McKenzie Ragle

April: Grace Sinclair,

Grace Sinclair


September: Shea Lanier,

Shea Lanier

October: Austin Crawford, (Senior of the Year)

Austin Crawford

November: Treisten Fagan,

Treisten Fagen

January: Reagan Petitt,

Reagan Petit

February: Elle Lanier,

Elle Lanier

March: Justin Burge,

Justin Burge

April: Macy Lingleo,

Macy Lingleo