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Four Reasons to Use IChoose INB Home Loan

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President, Mortgage Lending NMLS #447059 So you’re buying a new home… congratulations! The first step should be qualifying for a home loan. If the idea of applying for a mortgage overwhelms you, INB has good news for you. Through our new digital mortgage application, IChoose INB Home Loan, you can apply…
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INB Mortgage Loan Process Comes with Ease and Expertise

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President, NMLS #447059 Ready to move? If you’re like most people, even just thinking about moving into a new home probably adds more stress to your life! How many bedrooms do you need? Basement or no? And how in the world do you decide on the perfect paint color? Before you…
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David Nelson Takes on New Career at INB

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President, Mortgage Lending NMLS #447059 Things happen for a reason. In David Nelson’s case, calculus happened. “I originally wanted to be an architect,” he says, “then I took calculus and decided it wasn’t for me.” So he switched majors. After earning a communications degree from the University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign. He was…
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INB Mortgage Lenders Confidently Provide Products and Services

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President, NMLS #447059 Why choose INB for your mortgage when you can buy from an online service? In a word: Confidence. INB mortgage lenders are confident that they can offer you the best product for your circumstances. They are confident they have the training and knowledge to know all the available…
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Tad McDaniel New to INB; Years of Mortgage Experience

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President, NMLS #447059 Tad McDaniel has his college roommate to thank for his 15+ years in mortgage banking. “My roommate began doing mortgages and found a lot of success with it, so I got to see firsthand how the entire process worked,” he said. Attending Illinois State University at the time,…
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