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Fuel Needed for Kids in Need

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President, NMLS #447059 We may not sell gasoline, but INB knows a little something about fuel! Not only do we need it to keep our cars running, we also use it to keep our bodies moving. Fuel. As in food. A group of Chatham, Ill. residents noticed some Ball-Chatham students who…
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Interest Rates Ideal for Buying a New Home

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President, NMLS #447059 Interest rates have risen recently, making some people leery about buying a new home. But consider this: Last year, Freddie Mac reported interest rates averaged an historic LOW of 3.65%.  When you look at rates over the last 44 years, you’ll find that from 1979 to 1990 –11…
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Fans United for the Love of Baseball

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President NMLS #447059 After a very exciting 2016 World Series that lasted all seven games with a Cubs victory, baseball fans across the country are geared up for the 2017 season, which started in February with spring training. As a lifelong Cubs fan, I’m looking forward to seeing how this year…
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Goodbye Stress; Hello Joy

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President NMLS #447059 Joy Chapman is now part of the INB family as a mortgage lender in Champaign. She joins lender Justin Gensler in our office at 2309 Village Green. Joy says her goal is to make home buying the best experience possible by eliminating the stress. She’ll do this by…
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Be Prepared When it Comes to Home Buying

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President NMLS #447059 Purchasing a home is a huge goal for many people – and also a huge investment. Between credit scores, mortgages, insurance, and down payments, you have a lot more to consider than the color of the kitchen cabinets or how many bedrooms you’d like. Thinking about buying a…
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One of Champaign’s 40 Under 40 Works Right Here

By:  Aaron Sapp Vice President NMLS #447059 Justin Gensler knows how to make things happen. When he joined INB earlier this year, we didn’t have an office in Champaign, but he made do. With laptop and cell phone in hand, he worked out of a local coffee shop until we could open our doors at…
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Justin Gensler Joins INB

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President NMLS #447059 Welcome Justin Gensler, vice president, residential mortgage, to INB. Justin is managing our new Champaign Loan Production Office. Justin says banking has always been his passion. He started his banking career while needing a work permit! At age 15½, he was working as a part-time teller in his…
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Adam Lofgren Honored by PAAR

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President NMLS #447059 The Peoria Area Association of REALTORS® (PAAR) recently gave its Affiliate of the Year Award to Adam Lofgren, one of our mortgage loan officers in Peoria. The award recognizes Adam for being actively involved in the real estate industry and providing valuable services and support to members of…
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We move quickly so you can move quickly

By: Aaron Sapp Vice President NMLS # 447059 Once you choose your dream home, why wait longer than you need to before getting your hands on the keys? When you prepare to move into your new home, you might find a moving checklist helpful, so that you can keep track of where your dishes are…
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