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INB Then and Now: A Bank Serving our Community

By Cayla Keyes South Sixth Branch Manager NMLS # 662877 Over the course of his career in banking, John Maxfield has realized how important local leadership is. John, senior vice president of commercial lending at INB, started at the original Illinois National Bank in 1979. When that INB merged and became First of America Bank,…
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Red Hats, Little Babies Make For “Oohs” and “Awws”

By Cayla Keyes South Sixth Branch Manager NMLS # 662877 “AWWW!” The exclaim of delight was heard from the full conference room at INB’s South 6th St. branch on Wednesday morning. INB’s Vicki Wall held up a tiny, red knitted hat with a matching bow knitted right into the design for the group to admire.…
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Austin Graham to Represent INB in Leadership Springfield

By: Cayla Keyes South Sixth Branch Manager NMLS # 662877 South Sixth Street’s Universal Banker Austin Graham is planning to improve his leadership skills, get to know more of our community’s businesses and business executives, and learn how innovators think thanks to his participation in the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce’s upcoming Leadership Springfield program.…
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Money-Saving Habits Reduce Debt, Build Wealth

By: Cayla Keyes South Sixth Branch Manager Forming habits takes commitment. The bad news is that it usually requires a lot of effort and focus. But the good news is when it comes to your finances, long-term commitment leads to less debt and more freedom to spend and save your money according to your priorities.…
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Linda Black Retiring After 40+ Years in Banking

By: Cayla Keyes South Sixth Branch Manager INB has been fortunate enough to have Linda Black as an employee since 2002. After more than 40 years in banking, she’s planning to simply, “Enjoy life.” Linda started her banking career in 1975 as a telephone receptionist and account opener at Land of Lincoln Bank. She says,…
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Kids Need to Understand First Responders

By: Cayla Keyes South Sixth Branch Manager Have you ever told your kids, “If you don’t wear your seat belt, the cops will come get you”? I know I have. So when I read that this seemingly innocent tactic to get our children to behave inadvertently paints a negative portrayal of law enforcement officers, I…
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BaZing Guarantee Adds More Value to a Money-Saving Service

By Cayla Keyes South Sixth Branch Manager If you have an INB Power or Power Plus checking account, you have BaZing, a nationwide discount and protection service. When you go to use the mobile and online service, you want it to work as described. To assure it does, BaZing offers the BaZing Guarantee.The guarantee reads:…
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There’s More to BaZing than Coupon Savings

By Cayla Keyes South Sixth Branch Manager   When my staff and I talk about BaZing, we often focus on the coupon savings. But the program offers our Power and Power Plus customers some benefits that can add up to much bigger savings. You just need to know you have these benefits and determine how…
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Share How You Save and Get a Chance to Win Visa Gift Card

By Cayla Keyes South Sixth Branch Manager It’s fun telling someone about your bargains. That new outfit? It was a steal at the department store. Your new phone? Well your carrier was offering it free! Your shiny new car? You practically stole it! Why not earn a chance to win when you share your saving…
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