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Five Reasons Why E-statements Can Make Your Life Easier

By Greg Floyd Vice President, Deposit Operations Viewing your account statements on-line is one of the best resources to check your paid bills, see your monthly expenses, and ensure against fraudulent activity on your account. Electronic account statements also give months of your account activity right at your fingertips. Electronic financial statements contain the same information as paper…
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Be SMART Using Any of Over 25,000 ATMs

By Greg Floyd Vice President, Deposit Operations INB is now part of the MoneyPass ATM network. With over 25,000 ATMs nationwide, our goal is to provide you with a free, safe and secure way to access your cash. We have the “free” covered . . . when you use a MoneyPass ATM, no matter where…
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Mobile Banking Circa 2002

By Greg Floyd Vice President, Deposit Operations Before we could do our banking by phone, there was INB’s Cash Cruiser. By connecting the ATM inside the Cruiser to a phone line, we could provide mobile, temporary and onsite ATM services. In 2005, the truck went high-tech thanks to wireless technology that cut the phone cords.…
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Mike Jones Can Tell an ATM Story

By Greg Floyd Vice President, Deposit Operations Mike Jones knows ATMs. He really knows INB ATMs. For 15 years, he’s been our ATM guy. Before that, he spent 21 years in ATM and electronic funds transfer switching. Today, he makes sure INB ATMs have money and supplies. He makes sure they work. He makes sure…
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Never Share Banking User Name and Password

By Greg Floyd, Vice President, Deposit Operations We’ve become aware of a couple different instances where customers have shared their online banking user names and passwords with representatives they thought were from legitimate loan companies. You might be able to guess how the situation went from bad to worse after the online banking information was exchanged. These people were…
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Have Smartphone, Will Travel

By Greg Floyd Vice President, Deposit Operations We use our smartphones to research vacation spots, book hotel rooms and find nearby attractions. Now you can do one more thing with your smartphone:  pay almost anywhere you can swipe or tap your debit card.  And we’re not just talking Apple Pay.  Samsung and Android smartphone users…
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Customer-Driven Technology Makes Banking More Personal

By Greg Floyd Vice President, Deposit Operations Remember when “banking” meant actually walking into a bank to cash a check or deposit your paycheck? Thanks to technology, “banking” is no longer a Saturday morning chore, but an experience you can have at any time. INB has always been on the forefront of banking technology, constantly…
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Chip protection now available with debit cards

By Greg Floyd Vice President, Deposit Operations U.S. banks started issuing chip-enabled credit cards in 2015. It took longer to do the behind the scenes work to make debit cards work with the chips because debit card issuers must offer merchants at least two payment routing options. Credit cards require just one. So while we…
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Turn E-shopping into Easy Shopping

You pick up your phone or tablet while watching your favorite TV show, occasionally glancing down in search of the perfect pair of shoes. Midway through your program . . . right at the good part . . . you find THE shoes and are ready to check out.

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