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Behind the Scenes Work Aimed at Insuring Smooth Transition

By Mark Donovan SVP, Commercial Lending HEY! Did you know that INB is switching online banking platforms?! OK, so maybe that’s not exactly how we’re getting the word out. There is a little more going on behind the scenes than that! The scoop? INB is transitioning our online banking to a new service Oct. 17.…
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Online Banking Changes Coming

By Mark Donovan SVP, Commercial Lending INB’s online banking is getting a new look Oct. 17. Starting that day, our online banking customers will experience an enhanced online and mobile interface designed specifically to make banking even easier. Over the years, as trends have veered toward technology usage, it became clear to INB that our…
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Payment Processing Innovation Happening Now

By Mark Donovan Senior Vice President, Commercial Lending NMLS # 662887 Collaboration and the exchange of ideas is the catalyst for innovation, and INB continues to keep the lines open for thought-provoking conversation in central Illinois. We recently sparked conversation by sponsoring Innovate Springfield’s recent event: Tech Talks: Emerging Technologies in Payments, Transactions, and Modernized…
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One Dad’s Story of Fatherhood: an Endless, Awesome Event

By: Mark Donovan Senior Vice President, Commercial Lender NMLS # 662887 As a recently inaugurated father, my wife and I will occasionally make jokes about our short stint as a married couple without kids. Yet when we try and recall what we did with all our free time, it’s as if we both suffer from…
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