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Escrow Amount Changing

Understanding Changes to Your Escrow Account | Escrow Part 2 Todd Weir Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Lending NMLS # 502389 For those who don’t want to get hit with annual payments for mortgage-related expenses such as property taxes and homeowners insurance, you can set up an escrow account and combine those bills with your monthly…
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What is Escrow?

Todd Weir Assistant Vice President, Mortgage Lending, NMLS # 502389 An escrow account is maintained in combination with your mortgage account and is designated to pay for bills associated with the mortgage, which are typically property taxes and homeowners insurance. Understanding escrow can be challenging, so we’re here to break it down for you with…
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How to save for a down payment

Todd Weir Assistant Vice President NMLS # 502389 I’m fortunate to get to spend my days helping people buy their homes.  It’s exciting to help them look, plan and prepare to take on home ownership. But before they can sign any papers or schedule an appraisal, they need to figure out how to handle one…
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