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INB Power Checking Accounts Offer Identity Theft Aid

By: Wendy Henton AVP, South Sixth Street Branch and Downtown Drive Manager NMLS # 662891 If you have an INB Power or Power Plus Checking Account, the name “Power” is there for a reason.  For example, you have Identity Theft Aid as part of the package of services provided through our checking account partner, BaZing.…
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It takes power to check that list twice!

By: Wendy Henton AVP, South Sixth Street Branch Manager NMLS # 662891 As you complete your online shopping, browse holiday recipes and consult your packed calendar, we can help you power up. An INB checking account will give you the extra energy you need to push through the holiday season this year. With all INB…
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Everyone can save

By: Wendy Henton AVP, South Sixth Street Branch Manager While some people think it’s safe to hide money in a mattress or in the back of a closet, the reality is both places are susceptible to fire and burglary.  Putting your money in a bank savings account assures you your money will be there when…
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Save for the Important Things as Well as the Fun Ones

By Wendy Henton AVP, South Sixth Street Branch Manager Everybody knows they should save… but how many people actually do? Statistics from the U.S. Department of Commerce show Americans saved as much as 14 percent of their disposable income in 1971.  By 2014, that number has dropped to 5.7 percent. What if you have a…
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First Paycheck after College: Save

By Wendy Henton AVP and South Sixth St. Branch Manager With a hard-earned diploma in hand, many college graduates eagerly await that day when their first paycheck shows up, signaling a major leap into “the real world.” Though it’s tempting to begin acquiring new furnishings, living space, wardrobe and other purchases we think we need…
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