Relationships stand out to employees celebrating anniversaries

By Kelley Himmelberg VP, Director of Human Resources While meaningful work is important in a job, it’s the relationships that are crucial to building a career offering personal fulfillment and daily accomplishment. Those types of close relationships stand out to the members of the INB staff who celebrated service anniversaries for the first quarter of…
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Chatham Opportunity INB Couldn’t Pass Up

By Marilyn Titone Schaefer AVP, Communications Director INB’s Chief Financial Officer Brett Tiemann calls the bank’s move to Chatham in 2002 “opportunistic.” That same year, bank leadership PLANNED to build the bank’s south and north branches, but Chatham just sort of fell into their laps. “We got a call from the CEO of Palmer (a…
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How the INB Team Stays Productive

By Sarah Phalen President and CEO As we add to our personal and professional responsibilities and tasks, our minds simply can’t handle all of the information we need to remember, process and complete. So, it’s become essential that we turn to certain tools or habits to remain productive and efficient each day. As a popular…
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