Meet Deena Smith


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2 Responses to “Meet Deena Smith”

  1. Kathie Cook Law

    Deena, it has been over 30 years since we worked together at American Savings and Loan, not even sure you would remember me, however, I was at your wedding with Tami and Betsy( who we also worked with). Remember Eddie Bonnett? Well, years later I worked with her daughter Glenda. Anyway, I am trying to locate Tami, I haven’t been in contact with her since she was in my wedding 30 years ago(in June). Do you have any knowledge of her where she might be? Or even if her name is different than Tami Wilson. Please let me know either way would love to hear from you! Also I am on FB. Kathie

    • Lindsay Van Zele


      I just spoke with Deena and she has not be in contact for quite a while. So sorry She couldn’t help.

      Lindsay Van Zele
      Illinois National Bank
      Marketing Coordinator

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