Great Banking is All You’ll Get at our South Sixth Drive-up Window

By Marilyn Titone Schaefer AVP, Communications Director We promise to never sell hamburgers or cheeseburgers from our South Sixth Street branch. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t thought about it! The “thought” came to us when we were closing on the property at 2849 S. 6th St., a former Mexican restaurant. Before that, a McDonald’s…
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Operations Center INB’s 21st Century, Electronic Vault

By Marilyn Titone Schaefer AVP, Communications Director Designers often choose an image of a vault as the universal symbol for “bank.” At INB, we have our vaults, but the center of activity is actually our Operations Center housed at Fourth and Jackson streets catty-corner form the Governor’s Mansion. In its heyday, the building was a…
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Tips for Young Adults on ‘Real World’ Financial Responsibility

By Debbie Shelton SVP, West Wabash Avenue Branch NMLS #662907 Each August, social media feeds around the world begin to fill with posts and photos showcasing new backpacks, school supplies, classrooms and the smiles of children and young adults heading back to school. But maybe this season is different for you… maybe, for the first…
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Mobile Banking