Zach Lammers Gives His All to All He Does

4/16/2019 by Sean McKenna

Once a year for the last five years, Zach Lammers has joined a small group of high school friends on a hiking excursion, typically to the Appalachians or the Rockies.

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Active School Life Prepares High School Senior for Next Chapter

4/13/2019 by Dee Anderson

Noah Riedle has taken full advantage of the opportunities Mt. Pulaski High School (MPHS) has to offer.

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Forrest Brake Adding Value to Chatham Branch

4/12/2019 by Kelly Raison

INB’s Forrest Brake recently shared this thought: “People will enter your lives like a credit. Others will transfer out of your lives like a debit. Just know there will be more deposits, some are just worth a little more than others.”

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Joe Fendi Excited to Help INB Grow in St. Louis Market

4/11/2019 by Sean McKenna

Past experience of running his own business has given Joe Fendi a better understanding of entrepreneurship now that he is a commercial lender.

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Work-Life Balance Allows McArty to Give Her All to Customers

4/9/2019 by Kathy Greer

Shortly after Heather McArty took a position with INB’s Fairmount branch, her father fell ill and she became his primary caretaker. Looking back, INB’s constant support stands out in her memory.

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