Digital Banking

We’re working hard to make our digital banking platform the best in the industry. We recently released  a number of new features in the coming days.

Easy Profile Accessscreen shot of INB digital banking profile

You will find the profile section of digital banking on the upper, left-hand section of your web page. You will see a cog icon and read: “Manage Profile.” This is where you can make setting changes like update your contact information, change your online banking dashboard, and update your security questions. 

In the settings section you will also be able to see sub-user settings. You’ll find the sub-user feature in your profile. To add a sub-user, contact our Customer Care Center at 1-877-771-2316 or complete the form found in the message section of your digital banking portal.

Example of balance info inside digital banking

Easier to Read Balance Information

When you select an account to view transactions, you will soon notice an expanded center column. This allows us to display the balance in a separate column to the right of the transaction amount, as you can see in this screenshot.

New View

You will notice when you log into your account from a computer that the Quick Pay and Accounts Graph have swapped locations.  We made this change at the request of many of our customers.

icons with titles showing

Labels for Icons

Our customers have been asking us to better identify what an icon stands for. So, we’re adding a word under each icon on the app to explain what you’ll find as you navigate around our mobile app.


Required Field inside digital banking

Required Fields Easier to Notice

Required fields will show the word “required.” Here’s an example.

New Transaction button inside digital bankingButton Format

As seen above, our buttons will look a bit different now. We think these stand out more, making it easier for you to navigate.

See full account number inside digital banking
Full Account Numbers Now Available for Payees and Loans

You will be able to see the full account number of your payees by clicking on the pencil icon.  Previously, you could only see the last four digits of your account number.

Likewise, you’ll see changes to how the loan borrower number and note number are displayed.  We’ve been displaying only the last 4 digits of the loan number.  Now we display the full number and mask the borrower number.

Main Menu Navigation Change

You’ll no longer see a “collapse arrow” when you bank from a desktop computer. Now you only have a back arrow. Customers told us they were inadvertently using the “collapse” to go back, and simply were finding it frustrating to take an extra step to get where they wanted to go.   



After Main menu in digital banking

More Digital Banking Tips

Are you looking to get the most out INB’s digital banking tools? We’re providing tips and videos we hope will make your experience quick and easy.   If you ever have a question, don’t hesitate to connect with our Customer Care team or stop in at your local branch. Our tips and hints follow the navigation found on both our online banking portal and our mobile app.

If you want to log in without receiving an access code, click “yes” to “Remember this Device” after you’ve logged in for the first time on a device.